The Link turns 30 with journalism conference

The Link, a Concordia student-run newspaper that I edited more than half a decade ago, celebrates 30 this year. The paper has a habit of celebrating every five years. I was there for the 20th anniversary, and again for the 25th. Turnover at universities means it’s usually a completely different group of people organizing each one.

As part of their 30th anniversary celebrations, The Link is playing host to a regional conference of Canadian University Press, hosting student newspapers from Quebec and Ontario (emphasis on the Ontario, since CUP is still a mostly English-dominated organization, even in its tiny Quebec chapter).

The conference, which goes Friday night to Sunday morning (but most activities of interest are on Saturday). It is hosted at Concordia’s downtown campus. It’s $7 for the general public to attend (according to the Facebook event page), and free for alumni of the paper.

The schedule is here (PDF). Speakers include:

5 thoughts on “The Link turns 30 with journalism conference

    1. Geeta Narang

      Wish I could’ve been there, but I was only advised of the event 24 hours before it began – invitation apparently got stuck in someone’s Draft E-mail folder

  1. Billy Bob

    Hope they have rocking chairs and soft cookies ready for the Mirror brass, cant be easy operating an alt-weekly from the seniors golden age retirement home.

  2. Singlestar

    “The Link turns 30′ Are you sure? There was a Link as early at 1967, probably earlier.
    Unless you are talking about Martian years.

    1. Fagstein Post author

      The Link was formed in 1980 as the merger of the Georgian (serving Sir George Williams University) and the Loyola News (of Loyola College). Either you’re confusing The Link with one of these papers, or you’re thinking of a different Link.


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