Your 2010 Habs playlist

I don’t know if it’s because of the recession, because nobody expected the Canadiens to even make the playoffs – much less be able to compete against the Washington Capitals – or just because the Justiciers Masqués aren’t on the air anymore, but the number of Habs songs and Habs-related song parodies produced in preparation for this year’s playoffs is pretty sad compared to previous years.

And if there was ever a year we needed more songs, it’s this one. We can’t just take the songs from last year and replay them – it’s hard to get excited about Saku Koivu, Alex Kovalev, Mike Komisarek and Christopher Higgins since they all play for other teams now.

Still, a few amateur songsters have stepped up to the challenge:

Les Canadiens

by Clermont (featuring Kra-Z-Noize)

Montreal Canadiens 2010 playoff song

by Vince Colletti/Tanya Kassabian

Go Canadiens!

by Alex G.

Make it 25!

by Alex G. (also available in French)

Go Habs Go! (Séries 2010)

by Martin Scully

CH en série

(also translated – badly – into English)

Habs Romance

by Patrick Charles, Cat Spencer and Mark Bergman for CJFM. Sung by Lissa Vescio


Feels like ’93 (2010 version)

by Annakin Slayd

Habs Fight (woo-hoo!)


The Cheese of Philadelphia

by Daniel Iorio

Je déteste les Flyers

by Justiciers Masqués

Bye Bye Flyers

by Virgin Radio


by Porn Flakes

Stand By Your Habs

by Christopher Pennington and Felicity Hamer

Old stuff that’s still good

And there are those songs from previous years that don’t reference any individual players (by far the minority) or reference some of the few still around:

Go Habs Go!

by Christopher Pennington

Bring the Cup Back Home

by Daniel Iorio
via Team 990

Bleu Blanc Rouge la chanson

via CKAC

Ghosts of the Forum

by Bob Olivier and Sylvie Choquette
via Team 990

Go Go Habs Go

by Éric Allar

La coupe est à Montréal

Les Habitants Go Habs Go

by Vilain Pingouin

Go Habs Go (Nous sommes les plus forts) (YouTube)

by Marc Onana


And in honour of our goaltender:

Halak (Get Back)

by Justiciers Masqués

Chanson de Halak

via CKAC
This parody of Brown Eyed Girl actually dates from December 2007 – when Halak was a backup to Cristobal Huet and David Aebischer.

And finally…

In case we win this series against the Capitals:

Let’s have a riot

by Paul Brown, The Paul Brown Show on Edmonton’s The Bear 100.3

Go Habs Go!

5 thoughts on “Your 2010 Habs playlist

  1. bebehabs

    totalement d’accord avec toi! je suis tellement déçue qu’il n’y ait pas plus de chansons d’encouragement pour le CH en séries 2010… je m’attendais au moins à ce que NRJ et CKOI en fasse une… mais bon! j’aime bien le premier que t’as mis : “Les Canadiens” Clermont feat. Kra-Z-Noize

    je présume qu’il faudra attendre à ce que le CH atteigne la finale pour espérer quelques chansons *officielles*?

  2. Franc

    To be fair, everytime they came out with an awesome song, Habs didn’t make it far! They didn’t do one this year, and they come back after game 2 with home-ice advantage against the team with the best record in the league.

    Tell you what! Just make a really good one when the Habs win the Cup! ;) (nb: I didn’t say this year! ;) )


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