Côte-Sainte-Catherine metro station to close this summer

The STM announced in its Info STM page this morning (PDF) that major work at the Côte-Sainte-Catherine metro station will require it be closed completely between May 17 and August 23. Such closures tend to happen, particularly in stations with only one access, when construction and repair work would make accessing the station impossible.

Such repairs are scheduled during the summer because there’s fewer people using the metro and it’s not as annoying to walk a few extra blocks in 20-degree weather as it is in minus-20-degree weather.

While the station is closed, a shuttle bus service will be setup, with stops at Plamondon, Côte-Sainte-Catherine and Snowdon stations.

Among other summer projects the STM is planning in the metro:

  • Work on two accesses to the Côte-Vertu metro station will require the closure of the southern entrance on Côte-Vertu, and later the entrance on Édouard-Laurin. Some buses stopping outside those entrances will be detoured. The main entrance on the north side of Côte-Vertu (next to the main bus terminus) will remain unaffected and the station will remain open.
  • Work at Assomption station will force people to use an alternate entrance, though again the station will remain open.
  • Work is scheduled to begin later in the spring at the Du Collège and Place Saint-Henri stations. The nature of that work has not been released yet.

3 thoughts on “Côte-Sainte-Catherine metro station to close this summer

  1. Jim P

    Let me be the first to whip you with a wet noodle. I think you have done the honorable thing and gone public with your error. As many in the media eye, you know have learned to admit your mistakes early in the game and move on. Quebec politicians and Tiger Woods should pay attention.

  2. Jaye

    The signs at Cote Ste-Catherine went up on Tuesday. This morning they had an employee handing out a map of the shuttle bus route. Single-sided, colour, and IN ENGLISH ONLY! Seriously. He only had one batch, and even when I came back at 6pm, there were still only English leaflets.

    And they were perfect – no typos, no grammatical errors…. I think (I hate to make that comment to an editor).


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