Electrical pop quiz

This diagram with a piece of duct tape on it relates to something you’ve seen before, but probably won’t see again.

What is it?

UPDATE: A few of you got this right. This was taped to the floor in the metro where an old transfer machine used to stand. The machines have recently been removed entirely and the only place you’re likely to see them now is the turnstile graveyard.

Farewell, transfer dispenser

15 thoughts on “Electrical pop quiz

  1. Bill_the_Bear

    Perhaps it’s a diagram of some of the wiring of those transfer-dispensing machines which were used in the métro until the Opus card took over?

  2. Paul

    The motor controller circuit for the Metro trains (and somewhat responsible for the familiar “tune” the motors play as they cycle through the different modulations for power control).


  3. Circeus

    Ain’t that the electromechanic device making the famous Du-du-du three«chords sound of the Metro?

  4. MB

    I don’t get it, Bobby. Individual tickets are just as easily purchased and used as before, and it’s even more convenient because they serve as their own transfer. In fact, removing those machines makes it *easier* to transfer using single tickets: you don’t need to remember to pass by one of the transfer machines.

    So, what war on individual tickets?

  5. Bill_the_Bear

    Actually, there are (were, as of Sunday) still two of the old transfer machines at Beaudry station. I presume that they aren’t operational, but they haven’t been disassembled.


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