Yummy bolagna

Sometimes the bad translation is from French to English, as evidenced by these “sandwichs submarines” that were “prepered” in a food plant.

I looked up “bolagna” to find out what it means. Let me assure you I don’t want to eat that.

Maybe that’s why they were 50% off.

11 thoughts on “Yummy bolagna

  1. Margo

    If you buy shoes from L’equipeur, translated from French they say something along the lines of “prevents the growth of bacteria and mushrooms” on the tag. I laugh every time!

  2. mike

    I eat chicken bologna from Provigo. Compared to salami which is a sausage,beef,pork,etc; bologna has more meat & less fat by %age.Neither is great for you, but in general -bologna is ,( not healthy but),healthier.The stuff in above picture is not bologna in any sense I’ve eaten it or seen it in last 60+ yrs. :) Mike

  3. Maria Gatti

    Aha! I’m not the only person who heads to Loblaws at 8am before I get down to work, to scout the 50% specials!

    Margo, perhaps that tag was retranslated, L’Équipeur is the Québec banner of an originally Calgary-based brand, Mark’s Work Wearhouse, originally specialising in … work clothes in the blue-collar sense and expending to sport and “business-casual” clothing for white-collar underlings. I know that usually in English one would call the microscopic ones “fungus/funghi”. Mark’s has since been sold to Canadian Tire, which makes sense at least. Their clothes are by and large sturdy and practical, and have no pretense of cutting-edge style, but even staff have been known to complain about the ghastly colour ranges for some items.

    I try to avoid “processed meats” as much as I can, but sometimes I do get a craving. The closest thing to bologna that I eat is that halal chicken loaf that comes in little tubes and is sold in Loblaws, Intermarché and “ethnic” shops. It isn’t fatty and doesn’t contain too many chemicals. But that can’t replace a real craving for salami – the good stuff, as found at Jean-Talon market, whether of French or Italian origins, or Central European styles. Oh, I don’t eat that more than a few times a year, as it is fatty, expensive and I think even the quality stuff has to contain saltpeter.

  4. mike

    Head Shaking. Even at 03h I can spell. IF your comment was for me – I’m not sure- I was a street worker for many of my public health years & no, not ‘bolagna ‘– nor the urban dictionary definition. I stand unusually behind Wiki.

    However I thank you for the link as the T-shirt to the right is perfect for my daughter who will be 40 this month & I’m having one made up for her.

    My previous fav. was “Pls tell your boobs to stop staring at my eyes.”


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