Did The Gazette call Ian Halperin a hero?

So Ian Halperin trying to make headlines again. You know, the “Ian Undercover” guy who puts “IUC WORLD EXCLUSIVE” in front of his blog posts, dresses like a douche and is always threatening to sue people for outrageous amounts?

This time, he’s threatening to sue Guy Lalibert√© for $500,000, because the Cirque du Soleil founder said Halperin was full of shit in his biography.

But what got me about this story isn’t that a man desperate for attention is throwing out another disingenuous idle threat and got some journalist to fall for it, but his mention – in his own defence – that The Gazette called him a “local hero.”

I found this odd, of course, because I thought Halperin hated The Gazette even though he briefly worked there more than 20 years ago. The paper certainly hasn’t been showering praise on him lately, so where does he get this idea that he’s been called a hero?

Well, I looked it up, and sure enough, he’s right. In a “local hero” column published on Dec. 12, 1993, Bill Brownstein described him thus:

The Montreal singer/saxophonist ekes out a living as a busker, usually at the Place des Arts and Beaudry Metro stations from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. daily. In the evenings, Halperin and his Afro-Latin rhythm band, State of Emergency, play for pocket money at city bistros and jazz joints.

There’s brief mention of his journalistic work a decade previous, while at Concordia University’s The Link. But the article calls him a hero because he was organizing a benefit concert for homeless people.

I feel like I need one of those fact-checking meters here, but let’s rate this one “mostly true”. He’s technically correct, but misleading in that the article is 17 years old and has nothing to do with the current controversy.

5 thoughts on “Did The Gazette call Ian Halperin a hero?

  1. mike

    I remember when the Gazette was a newspaper; which I still take for 50+ yrs.I don’t like to read online.

  2. wkh

    I don’t get any of this.
    Halperin writes an “OMG Laliberte has drug fueled orgies at his parties, can you BELIEVE a guy who founded a circus and worked as a fire eater and screws brazillian models (plural) does such a thing?!” book that everyone says “no, really?” about
    Laliberte says “omg so not true”
    So Halperin *sues him*? For a measly $500K?
    I hope he has photo and video proof.

  3. Fassero

    I guess Halperin hasn’t learned that he gets his 15 minutes of cross-border fame AFTER the “celebrity” dies with his “WORLD EXCLUSIVE”s.

    Then again, this is probably worth 3 nights of “exclusive” interviews with Sophie Trudeau on CTV’s “e-Talk”, no?


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