I don’t like Sun News, but I welcome it

(Updated with more talking out of my ass)

Canadian media are buzzing today (and have been for about a week or so) about Sun News, the new all-news specialty TV network being setup by Quebecor Media.

Before its name was made public, people were calling it “Fox News North”, partly because the guy behind it, Kory Teneycke, used to shill for Prime Minister Stephen Harper. The reputation that Quebecor and its head honcho Pierre-Karl Péladeau have built certainly helped fuel the rumours that a strong conservative bias would be more important to this network than a commitment to accuracy in reporting.

Though the announcement doesn’t make reference to Fox (directly) or use the word “conservative”, and Teneycke dismisses the comparison, the hints are all there. The video talks about being “strong and proud”, and Canada being “the greatest place on Earth” (I assume that’s part of their “factual” “straight talk” and they have lots of research to back that assertion up). And, of course, nobody involved with the project has denied outright that it would take a conservative, or at least strongly opinionative, stance.

The application

Quebecor says it has applied for a Category 1 specialty channel license from the CRTC. This means that satellite and digital cable providers would be required to put the channel on a discretionary tier so anyone who wanted to have it as part of their package could get it. Analog cable companies are not even allowed to carry them, except by special exception.

This is interesting because virtually all new specialty channels apply for a Category 2 license. This is entirely discretionary – cable and satellite companies would not be required to even make it available, and can freely negotiate with broadcasters to determine fees.

It makes sense for Quebecor to apply for a Category 1 license because the two biggest regulatory hurdles don’t apply to the concept. First, Category 1 channels have genre protection (and must respect other channels’ exclusivity), so people can’t launch a new weather channel or business network or cartoon network – unless it has a very specific focus that doesn’t compete directly with the Weather Network, BNN or Teletoon, respectively. But the CRTC decided recently that it would remove such protections from news and sports networks, because it judged that they had matured to the point where they were no longer needed.

Second, Category 1 channels must have at least 50% Canadian content. Since presumably all the content on Sun News would be provided by its journalists and those of Quebecor Media, that wouldn’t be a problem.

The biggest problem will be convincing the CRTC that it should grant a license in what it originally planned to be a very limited category of digital specialty channels like Book TV, Bold, Discovery Health and G4.

Think Sun Media, LCN … and yes, Fox News

I don’t doubt that Sun News Channel will have a conservative slant to it, or at least a Fox News-style sensationalist slant. They’ve already said that they want to have opinion, and the kinds of talking heads you don’t find on the other networks (CBC, CTV). But while I have no evidence to back this up, I’m thinking the model they’ll want to use for the channel isn’t so much Fox News as it is LCN.

For the Toronto-ites out there, LCN is kind of Quebec’s equivalent to CP24, a regionally-focused news network that’s the first to send a helicopter out when something happens in Montreal. Fires, car accidents, minor natural disasters, dead children, all the usual local news stuff. It’s the channel that’s usually on in the newsroom, for the simple reason that it’s the TV network closes to an all-Montreal-news channel. (LCN pretends it’s Quebec-wide, and it does have journalists elsewhere, but the vast majority of its news is based in the Montreal area, or occasionally Quebec City).

LCN also has opinion. Richard Martineau, Jean-Luc Mongrain, Claude Poirier, and anyone else who can talk loud even if they don’t really say much of substance (Actually, now that I think about it, that does sound a lot like Fox News), and can be easily pre-empted if breaking news happens during the day. After LCN changed its format to have more of these kinds of hosts, ratings apparently shot up 300 per cent.

But while I think there will be a definite fiscal-conservative slant (expect investigative stories every day based on access to information requests for CBC expenses), I don’t think we’ll be seeing the same kind of socially conservative biases you see in the United States. I don’t see Sun News praising Sarah Palin or talking about the evils of abortion or trotting out conspiracy theories that Michael Ignatieff is a secret terrorist.

Then again, I could be wrong. Sun News could turn into the press release arm of the Conservative Party. It could start simulcasting Fox News Channel. It could start running free ads for the Christian Heritage Party. Nobody knows yet. We’ll just have to wait and see.

It’s interesting to note here that although Fox News Channel is approved for carriage in Canada, Quebecor-owned Videotron doesn’t make it available on its digital service. I suspect many Quebecers criticizing Quebecor may be basing their opinions of Fox News on what they see on the Daily Show.

Conservative is better than nothing

I welcome Sun News for the same reason I welcome the National Post: It’s a different voice, and it employs journalists. If that means stories get out into the public that would have remained secret before, I’d say that’s worth hearing more of Ezra Levant. I would hope they take their role seriously and concentrate more on being honest and open than countering perceived biases in their competitors. And I think Canadians should keep them on their toes and put immense pressure on them to keep their biases in check.

But either way, adding a new voice to the equation can only make the Canadian news industry more diverse.

My biggest worry

Although a news network that seeks to impose an opinion more than inform the population sounds pretty scary, my biggest worry about Sun News isn’t that it will be conservative, it’s that it will be cheap.

During the press conference announcing the network, after Teneycke blasted so-called “elites”, he talked about, and I’m quoting directly here: “value-added content convergence with Sun Media properties across Canada”. Besides being filled with meaningless industry buzzwords, it seemed apparent that Sun Media and Quebecor believe they can use existing journalists to supply the network. They think that Sun Media print reporters can do TV spots, as part of some convergent utopia.

(Speaking of which, it’s interesting that Péladeau claims the media is in crisis – forcing him to lock out journalists at the Journal de Québec, Le Réveil and the Journal de Montréal – and then appears at a press conference to announce he’s spending millions on a new TV news network. Péladeau said during the press conference when asked directly about this that the two are unrelated. But the irony was certainly not lost on locked-out Journal de Montréal workers.)

Even CTV and CBC, which have local television stations across the country to supply a national news network, need “national” reporters in various cities to supply the national network and national evening news. Anyone who’s seen videos on Sun Media websites can’t be optimistic about the prospects of a news network relying on them for content.

I’m sure Sun News will hire anchors (the prettiest they can find), technicians and all sorts of other people to run the channel. But without that network of videojournalists, I wouldn’t expect their news operation to be able to match what the main networks can provide, outside of Toronto and (if they share resources with LCN and TVA) Quebec.

The opinion-news mix has two advantages over straight news. One is that it provides higher ratings, as the choir flock to their preachers. The other is that it’s cheap. Spend good money on a well-known host, add maybe a researcher or two, and you’re done. The big mouth blabbers about whatever, provided it’s controversial and excites or angers the audience enough that they pay attention. And if Glenn Beck demonstrated anything, it’s that those talking heads don’t have to make sense, be consistent, have any connection to reality or have any journalistic integrity to succeed.

As much as sending out hundreds of access to information requests to the CBC, then trolling through management expense claims to drum up even the most minor irregularity may seem petty and biased, it’s still journalism.

My fear with Sun News isn’t that it’s going to have those kinds of stories, it’s that it’ll have those kinds of stories and then have blowhards yelling about them for three hours, showing some clips from YouTube and then calling it a day.

Kind of like Fox News. Or CNN. Or MSNBC.

Let’s hope I’ve vastly underestimated what Quebecor has planned.

Sun News Channel is slated for launch Jan. 1, 2011, pending CRTC approval.

UPDATE: Bill Brioux is also highly skeptical of this network, particularly because of the failures at CKXT, the local Toronto station they’re trying to “convert” into Sun News.

UPDATE (June 24): Steve Proulx has some thoughts (mainly negative) about Quebecor’s convergence and conservativeness and how it’s affecting media.

16 thoughts on “I don’t like Sun News, but I welcome it

  1. Matt714

    Hopefully the CRTC will deny the request before it is possible for media that isn’t conspicuously slanted to the left, like CBC, to be broadcast. Think of the children.

    1. Heather H

      I also won’t ever agree with this new network, but I’d be even more outraged if the CRTC was to deny this station its license. Not agreeing with something or someone doesn’t mean it should be banned. We’re a free country, we’re smart enough to think for ourselves, so let’s bring in Sun TV. Nothing wrong with being different and provocative, and even politicaly incorrect.

  2. Jim Royal

    Judging only from this single ad, it seems that they are not interested in selling the service on the basis of the quality of the journalism. In fact the ad reminds me very strongly of this:


    It serves no one’s interests to have journalists become flag-waving jingoists. A key element of the job of a good journalist is to hold government accountable, and that has nothing to do with the message of this ad.

  3. Vahan

    I really hate to say this but I don’t think that the “average man” on the street gives a crap about news in any form. I am around young adults all day long, the future of our country, they are happily ignorant of any news. Most don’t know who our P.M is (or is that Obama guy our President?). If it not on Facebook or if someone is not texting them about where they will meet next, this new station is a waste of money. The only people who will hear of this and talk on and on about this are people in the news business and maybe a few old foggies who sit home all day complaining about how in their days…. I suppose I am getting close to that demographic, but even I have given up on most news.

    1. Fagstein Post author

      I don’t think just because people don’t sit in their living rooms all day watching CNN means they don’t care about the news. People share news articles and organize petitions on Facebook. Sure, in many cases the big numbers are in the silly stuff instead of the important, boring hard news, but I don’t think I’d agree that the young population is less aware of what’s going on around them than a generation ago.

      1. Vahan

        I don’t want to sound like a “kids today” kinda grumpy old man. As a youth I devoured news in all shapes, my peers did not, but they still knew a thing or two about what was going on. We had less distractions with time wasters, such as the internet has become for some. You can’t look at me straight in the eye and tell me the news business as a whole isn’t in the crapper. I for one loved reading the paper and watching news on t.v. about politics everyday. I no longer feel these sources speak to my concerns anymore. The news has been bought out by corporations with agendas. There is no in depth look at anything, it all seems manufactured and regurgitated from one to the other. Maybe I have a case of apathy. It may also be that politicians are over handled and we live in a sound bite world. There seems to be no fire, so if the Sun wants to manufacture news, good for them.

  4. Vahan

    By the way why do these “conservatives” always use platitudes and bullshit pride with hint of Army. Does that mean others are less patriotic? Yes we are all hard working, proud and we play hard, who the hell doesn’t. Ask anyone in any country and they will say the same. True north and free, wow how original.How did they think of that line? Idiots. Look at all that virgin land that hasn’t been raped for it’s resources.

  5. Bill

    When you can’t distinguish yourself from your opponent, you resort to “gussying” up your message.

    This is all about bread and circuses, nothing more.

  6. Fellow Sceptic

    If Péladeau manages to jump the line in getting this approved then it opens the door for CTV and all the rest to abandon conventional viewers, especially in smaller markets. Why convert to digital transmitters when you can swap an underperforming license for a shiny new Category 1 channel and all that guaranteed subscriber cash?

  7. Rojan

    Sorry but I hope the CRTC refuses the license. For all the people who follow the news because they want to be informed about facts, there are orders of magnitude times more people who don’t give a damn about anything but themselves. And their pet peeve are those “PC” people who *do* give a damn about issues.

    If “Sun News” comes into the fray, it will give give these people a stronger sense that they have a political —even cultural— identity. This will shore up more support for the Conservatives… and our friends at Quebecor know that .

    I’m all for giving everyone a voice in the News business. But when that “voice” is buoyed by Corporate, Conservative ideologies,….. that’s hardly “news”. It’s opinion, posing as News , and hoping the hapless will fall for it and vote for your hero. It’s disingenuous, and frankly, CBC news has never appeared to favour any one party.

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