Radio ratings: Not much change, but a nice period for Team 990

Some Montreal ratings analysis from the latest PPM ratings survey, as put together by Astral’s helpful team:

As you can see, not much has changed in the local anglo radio landscape. CJFM Virgin Radio still dominates, with CFQR second and CHOM third. This graph shows weekly reach, which means the number of people who listen to the station at least once a week.

This one shows average minute audience for the stations, which weighs how long people listen to each station. Here, Virgin’s dominance is clear and it continues to grow.

Probably of greatest interest over the past year is the morning ratings, particularly since changes have happened to all three music stations’ morning teams. As you can see, not much difference in the 6-9am spot, except for a drop in Andrew Carter’s morning show on CJAD, and slight rises in the Q’s Aaron Rand and Team 990’s morning show.

In the afternoons, little change there as well, except for a drop in Ric Peterson’s show on CJAD and a spike for Mitch Melnick on The Team 990, CKGM.

There are other places to analyze the franco ratings, and in most cases there’s as little change as on the anglo side, but this chart is telling – NRJ has jumped from second to first, beating out overall leader Rythme FM. This is primarily due to the new guys NRJ brought in in the middle of January (the midpoint of the earlier ratings period): Les Grandes Gueules. (Astral is, of course, very happy about this.) If there was any doubt about the Gueules’ power to bring in an audience, this should remove it.

6 thoughts on “Radio ratings: Not much change, but a nice period for Team 990

  1. Fassero

    It’ll be interesting to see if Team 990 can get any bump from the World Cup like they obviously did in the last ratings period due to some [ahem] local hockey team becoming a nice story for about a month.

  2. gds

    Team 990 probably spiked only because of the Canadiens playoff run. They will most likely trail off quite a bit over the summer.

  3. Alex H

    the declines at CJAD are not dramatic, but they do reflect my opinion of the station. Andrew Carter is not someone I would want to wake up to, and I have found that when I do listen to the morning show, I don’t feel informed, more like I was talked down to. It’s an odd feeling. Ric Peterson has been trying a little more of the angst routines the last little while, trying to go for a little more moral outrage on issues, but I find it makes him sound more like Tommy Schnurmacher (who I won’t listen to), whiny and self-important. After a day of hard work or being stuck in traffic, the last thing we need is more things to be outraged about.

    It should be noted that the moves between cjad and 990 may have as much to do with the Canadiens being in the playoffs, which may have fueled a desire for extra sports coverage outside of the games.

  4. Jacques from Laprairie


    Killing local overnight programming and replacing it with COAST TO COAST did not bring in thousands of former 940 listeners?

    Maybe that was because there were less people listening to that crap than listening to Last Call with Sol

    you are listening to CJAD , the informed member of the Astral Family


  5. Lance Campeau

    Team 990’s local programming is all pretty good… Noel Butler’s Soccer Safari made for excellent listening between the FIFA World Cup games… Melnick’s team for the drive makes for an interesting ride home.

    CJAD is totally boring and predictable… let me sum CJAD’s typical programing day for you… money, health, money, health, money, health, money, health, John Moore, money, health, money, health, money, health, money, health, and so on… lame lame lame… On listen for the Habs and Als. I wish Abe Hefner would call the games more often… I like Rick and all but Abe’s “sound” is total old school am radio hockey announcer… exactly what I want to hear.

    CHOM has improved, The rebranding of Mix96 has also been a good move… better playlist. CFQR’s playlist is geared for recently divorced women, age 25-45… nothing of interest to me.

    I don’t listen to french radio but I did listen to 98.5 when it was “Cool FM” way back when…


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