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  1. Jean-Louis Seguin

    Located in Dorchester Square.

    The Boer War Memorial was sculpted by George W. Hill and unveiled on May 24, 1907. It has an equestrian statue with the horse restrained rather than mounted. On sides are copper relief sculptures. Listed also are the various battles. The memorial is is dedicated to Canadians who fought alongside the British during the Boer War.

  2. Kate M.

    Can you really call it an equestrian statue if the guy isn’t actually on the horse?

    I can’t think of any others, it’s true. Although in the famous representation of Mussolini on the ceiling of the Madonna della Difesa, he’s shown on horseback.

  3. Daveyy

    if the the horse is mounted and has all four feet on the ground, it means the rider died of natural causes, if on foot is in the air, the rider died subsequent to wounds received in battle and if two feet in the air, the rider died during battle

  4. Kate M.

    A common popular belief in the United States is that if the horse is rampant, that is with both front legs in the air, the rider died in battle. If the horse has one front leg up, the rider was wounded in battle or died of wounds sustained in battle, and if all four hooves are on the ground, the rider died of causes other than combat. However, there is little evidence to support this belief.

    from Wikipedia, Equestrian statue

    The article also says:

    An equestrian statue is a statue of a rider mounted on a horse, from the Latin “eques”, meaning “knight”, deriving from “equus”, meaning “horse”.[1] A statue of a riderless horse is strictly an “equine statue”.

    Neumontreal, at the time, Canada was proud to support the British Empire in its endeavours. You can’t expect the past to have had the same sentiments about colonialism, etc., as the present does.

  5. Tim

    Hey Steve,

    Since we’re all local geo-enthusiasts, have you looked into this new Kode99 treasure hunt at all? Seems interesting…


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