Montreal Geography Trivia No. 82

Where is this?

UPDATE (Sept. 30): It took a while, but Pelle Moulante got the right answer below. This photo was taken from the tip of the Parc du Bout-de-l’Île, both the northernmost and easternmost point on the island of Montreal.

The waves are the result of pleasure boaters whizzing back and forth along the St. Lawrence, and the island in the distance is Île à l’Aigle.

17 thoughts on “Montreal Geography Trivia No. 82

  1. JF

    There’s a face in the only standing up vegetal. A “Jesus” face. My bet is you found that on eBay. To sell for a ridiculous price. Or more probably in LaSalle, Parc des Rapides, facing the Montreal shore…

    (Writing “Jesus” and “Price” in the same paragraph is a pure coincidence.)

  2. Jean Naimard

    This is one of the Boucherville islands taken from either Bellerive Place park (I’d say it’s unlikely, though, given how the channel is wide at that place), or some street ending in the water in Montréal-Est or Pointe-Aux-Trembles.

  3. Clément Côté

    Is it at the Ste-Catherine locks (upstream), where a CSL ship spilt some fuel last summer? It looks somewhat oily.

  4. Edna

    This is the southeast corner of Coolbrook and Isabella on a rainy day, sometime in the past 15 years. The city should really see to it.

  5. the Dude

    Well, could it be one of the Island in the Rivière des Prairies?
    Like Île Gagné as seen from Gouin East & the 19th avenue or Île du Mitan seen from Gouin near the 94th?
    One of those two… Probably the second…


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