The garbage can is too dry

Automatic sprinkler systems annoy me quite a bit. I mean, we get enough rain here that it’s really not necessary to use the public potable water supply to water the grass.

But those behind the Place de l’Adresse symphonique of the Quartier des spectacles know it’s important not just to keep the grass drowning in water, but to keep the garbage can and sidewalk wet at all times.

Grass drowning in sprinkler water for no apparent reason

2 thoughts on “The garbage can is too dry

  1. Anonymous

    Argh, this really kills me too, Steve. Makes me want to print up and carry around a thick stack of ‘courtesy tickets’ to give to the water-hogging bastards that do this.

  2. Vahan

    It looked like a disaster from the day they started up the water sprouting up through the cement. On a slightly windy day the water sprays the sidewalk and there is a flow of water on the street. Well at least now we don’t have to dig up the streets to get to the leaks.


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