20 thoughts on “Meet the CHOM Patrol Unit

  1. Ohara

    I remember when CHOM played music. It wasn’t all that long ago that they didn’t have to try so hard. I remember when they were cool because of the music and because of the natural talent of the announcers. It wasn’t all that long ago when they didn’t try to live up to an image but were that image. There aren’t enough people left like Robert Wagenaar.

  2. Vahan

    Who wrote this ad? It sounds bland and way too corporate. Sort of trade showey boring. You know they have all the lights flashing, loud rocking music and the white bread C.E.O with the three piece suit comes running out to introduce their newest and exciting product with a big fake smile. Yet he knows that you know he is way too old to be hip or relevant but he has to play the game to keep the shareholders happy.

  3. dom

    wow…just…wow! this ad just goes to show how cheesy and irrelevant CHOM has been over the last few years. They have been playing the same 30 songs since 1974. Not to mention hearing those loud over the top lame ass commercials they run on the radio makes me want to stab my eardrums with a pencil. What a disgrace.

  4. Bill_the_Bear

    I saw it on Amherst a few days ago, during afternoon rush hour. The logo was flashing…had I known, perhaps I could have won a valuable prize. (Wonder if they’re giving a year’s supply of Rice-a-Roni?)

  5. Jimmy Jack

    I love how CHOM plays the same song at roughly the same time every days for a week or more, especially Canadian content. I have heard Fly by Night by Chilliwack more times this week than when the song first came out:)

    Good song IMHO but daily? There are 50 billions other songs they could play.

  6. Alex H

    This sort of sums of the problem of “big corporate” radio marketing. As Steve Hatton said, it appears to be a marketing idea for Virgin, applied to CHOM.

    When a radio station is basing it’s competitive edge on a truck with a flashing logo, you know something is wrong. There is no attempt to appeal to listeners of other stations, because they are only really competing with themselves. Instead, it’s doing something to make it look like something is going on, while really accomplishing nothing.

    The CRTC needs to wake up, and start mandating that companies cannot hold more than 1 FM license and 1 AM license in any marketplace. A Duopoly isn’t competition, it’s just a managed sharing of the pie.

  7. CJ

    This was made by the guys from South Park, right? This isn’t real is it??!
    has CHOM become that Lame that cannot even see their own self-satire?

  8. Sheldon

    I was driving past the Fort Street building, I believe it was Wednesday, and there were a few guys with CHOM jackets on the sidewalk outside the building riding a Segway back and forth in front of the station. Not sure what that was all about.

  9. W G, Gatineau

    I remember back in the day when chom had the rock lives at chom licence plate, so I mod’ed one to read Rock died at chom. It’s been dead a long time but it sure hasn’t stopped smelling funny, and with megacorp ownership, it isn’t going to freshen up anytime soon. Commercial radio is so dead to me!

  10. Vahan

    I kept watching the video over and over again, because it was sounding like something I had heard before. If you remove the stupid music, change the voice to that of a woman’s, without the growling, then you got a clip from Discovery channel’s How it is Made. “a thin layer is applied directly to the vehicle….”

  11. Fassero

    Hmmm. Are batteries included?

    Hey, but you have to give kudos to the front office suits that came up with this. At least they had the decency of putting out a big muscle vehicle instead of, say, some economy hybrid (which could have REALLY set off some cool jokes.) Of course, when it does nothing for ratings, they can always re-use the thing in the spring and just strap a couple of bikini-clad girls on top.

    If they want a strategy for fall 2011, may I suggest a nice turkey drop from a helicopter. :)

  12. Skip Snair

    I worked at CHOM and CHOM will always be in my heart but this CHOM PATROL UNIT ad is pathetic…….it’s an ad for the company that sold them the visual medium….Whoever wrote the copy and approved it should be ashamed.


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