15 thoughts on “Season’s Greetings from CFCF-12

  1. Steve Hatton

    This is not the first time CFCF’s Barry Wilson has complained about this subject. In a CTV Postscript back in 2007, he makes fun of a school in Ottawa which changed the lyrics to Silver Bells so as to not offend people at their Christmas Concert.


    What’s interesting here though is that by comparing his 2007 rant with his most recent one, I suddenly realized what it is that bugs me about the people who believe that there’s war on Christmas. They’re simply getting more and more lazy. In 2007, at least he went through the hassle of finding a pretty decent example of how the forces of political correctness may have gone too far. But now, in 2010, he just simply bitches and moans about how he hates it when people wish him “Happy Holidays.”

    To me, not only is that pure laziness but it also smacks of total hypocrisy. After all, by saying he wishes people would stop using the words “Happy Holidays”, is he not just as guilty of telling people what to do as those who supposedly want to ban the word Christmas. Make up your mind Barry, either you’re for banning words or you’re against it. You can’t have it both ways.

  2. dom

    Barry is a pompous douche, just listen to how he delivers his “postscript” pieces on the local news. Great video though, “CFCF 12” *used* to be worth watching….

  3. illmaticp

    Wow that old CFCF video brings back memories, when it was shown often I always found it creepy that no human being is seen in the video.

  4. Tv Dude

    What is CFCF?

    I recently spoke to someone in Montreal who has only been here a few years and had no idea what the call letters CFCF referred to. Congratulations CTV, job well done!

    1. Niki

      Thank you @ Keith Perron for the info about the orchestra’s name. My husband also commented about how we used to enjoy that piece and wondered who it was making that beautiful, haunting music.

  5. Rich

    Wow. I have looked and never could find this piece of music. Does anyone remember the commericla with Elvis singing and the horses running in the snow ?


  6. Bobby D

    I Saw that edition of Barry’s postscipt…and he is so right about those greetings, I hate it too….it’s Christmas and not Hanukah and not Kwanzaa or Ramadan, it’s Christmas plain and simple. Period.
    It’s also a Christmas tree and not a Holiday tree….the various trees and decorations are put up because of Christmas and not because of other religious holidays…

    Why doesn’t anybody get it, which goes for those big chains like Walmart and Zellers with their door greeters saying Happy Holidays…sickening….

    When I go on vacation in the summer, then you can wish me happy holidays…

    I hope everybody had a Merry Christmas…

    1. Fagstein Post author

      it’s Christmas plain and simple. Period

      You go ahead and start telling Jewish and Muslim people that they should start celebrating Christmas because to do otherwise would offend you somehow.

      Be sure to make sure nobody celebrates New Year’s, either.

      1. Bobby D

        Regrettably, it seems you don’t understand what I was trying to say..I don’t think a Jewish or Muslim person would feel theatened if someone wished them a Merry Christmas whether on the street or being greeted in a department store who frankly cares more of the bottom line and possibly offending the minority..I don’t think that they assume it’s forcing them to convert. I know a close business associate, who is Jewish, who observes his holidays, always wishes me a Merry Christmas and I don’t seem him converting…..

        As for New Years, again nobody is forcing Jewish or Muslim or Buddhist citizens to pop the champagne cork or watch Amerca’s oldest teenager, Dick Clark on TV with New Years Rockin Eve……but let’s face it, our current system starts of with January 1st,,,and goes to Dec. 31st..I don’t recall anybody giving me a cheque with a date with a year like 5724 on it..

        And Jews and Muslims are free to celebrate the start of their calendars at their respecttive places of wrshipor community centres, but don’t tell the Christian majority of North America on how to greet people at the door…

        happily, this stuff is not an issue in rural Quebec or even Sherbrooke or Quebec City..but only in Montreal..the greeting of Merry Christmas should be expected when coming to Canada after leaving Israel..or Lebanon or Saudi Arabia,, like I don’t expect to wished Merry cristmas in those countries….

        1. Fagstein Post author

          don’t tell the Christian majority of North America on how to greet people at the door.

          But that’s exactly what’s being proposed here. People who claim there’s a “war on Christmas” want to banish the term “happy holidays”, while under some mistaken impression that an invisible force is preventing people from saying Merry Christmas at home.

          I have no problem with either expression. And I understand the desire to use “happy holidays” on things like TV promos not only because it’s more inclusive religiously, but because it also includes the New Year’s Day holiday that comes a week after Christmas.

        2. Marc

          happily, this stuff is not an issue in rural Quebec

          There’s nothing stopping you from moving to Hérouxville. You know, that town where no one has ever seen a non-white person before?

    2. Marc

      While I agree with you on one item, the Christmas tree, this screed of yours reeks of religious fundamentalism. If you are offended by someone saying Season’s Greetings to you, then it is your problem. But hey, feel free to go join all the other “war on Christmas” wacky religious right folk in the southern USA.


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