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You might have missed it because you were on vacation or something, but the ad agency écorce put together a form of online advent calendar in December with … let’s call them interpretations of things that happened online in 2010.

It was kind of hit and miss, but there were a few gems among the videos that were done for this:

Une fille inoubliable, by Les Appendices. My favourite sketch comedy fivesome, the stars of the Télé-Québec show covered an awfully written and awfully-sung song from a video that was posted to YouTube but later taken down (fortunately, the Internet keeps copies of these things). Even though they use the same lyrics and roughly the same music, the Appendices version is actually pretty good. At the very least, it had a much higher budget.

Contrat d’lezz, by le Girly Show. You’ve seen Contrat d’gars, right? The show that goes so over the top with the testosterone you can’t help but laugh. It’s hard to parody something that already doesn’t take itself seriously, so Le Girly Show just turns it on its head and has women playing the lead roles. It’s not much funnier than the original, but it has the same magic.

L’Année 2010 selon CaroleCarole aide son prochain is a straight-faced comic web series that … I’ll be honest, it’s kind of hit and miss, though I like the concept. In this video, she takes on that lots-of-celebrities-political-message asking for a moratorium on shale gas exploration with some simple but effective satiric criticisms.

The rest of the videos from this project are listed on this page, and lots of other non-video-related recaps are also worth exploring.

(Did I miss something awesome? Think one of these videos is stupid and uninteresting? Tell me off in the comments)

1 thoughts on “It happened on the interwebs

  1. Alex H

    Since nobody else wants to touch this one, I guess I can give it a shot.

    The videos are in a style that honestly isn’t all that appealing to me. I sort of look at them and I see a bit of a cultural wall, they are “very Quebecois french”, seeming aimed past what my bilingual mind can really handle. It is very much to me a narrow market approach to humor. I don’t find much magic in any of it, rather a sort of heavy handed approach that isn’t so amusing because they appear to be trying way too hard to be funny. Carole Aide Son Prochain is pretty much the worst of the bunch for me, the character is way too forced and unrealistic, rather than being funny because she is a certain way, she is just weird because she is a certain way. It is very heavy handed.

    It sort of lacks in the subtle ways that (for me) make true comedy funny.


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