Andrew Cartwright leaves CJAD for Ottawa

Andrew Cartwright, one of the unsung heroes unknown faces of the local radio scene, is leaving for a better job across the border.

Cartwright, most recently of the CJAD newsroom but with experience at CKDG Mike FM and CKRK K103 in Kahnawake, has accepted a job as the new morning man for Valley Heritage Radio, CJHR 98.5FM in Renfrew, Ont.

Cartwright says the Ottawa-area community radio station offered “a much better package” (more money and benefits) and “really made compelling arguments as to why Ottawa was a better fit for me.”

Friday was his last day at CJAD.

“I signed up at the news station to expand my knowledge base when it comes to radio. I feel like I’ve done that, and now it’s time for me to get back to my roots as a radio announcer. Yes it’s a smaller station, but honestly that’s never mattered to me. I love hosting and I really wanted to get back to that. I don’t wanna look back on my life and say ‘what if'”

Unlike other departures from CJAD in the past, this one was amicable. Cartwright had nothing but kind words for his now former employer.

“Thanks to CJAD I’ll be able to offer the wonderful people of the Ottawa Valley more than just ‘time and temp’ while teeing up songs.”

Dan Delmar in the evenings

Speaking of CJAD, Mike Cohen points out that it is bringing back local programming to evenings, scheduling Dan Delmar to host a show on weeknights when they don’t broadcast Habs games.

The website has some clips of interviews, including Montreal mayor Gérald Tremblay and, to talk about CFCF’s 50th anniversary, veterans Herb Luft, Suzanne Desautels and Bob Benedetti.

6 thoughts on “Andrew Cartwright leaves CJAD for Ottawa

  1. Alex H

    Good luck to Andrew at his new station. I think it is actually a big step up, morning man (no matter the station) is a higher profile job and probably a whole lot of fun. :)

    As for Dan Delmar, well, I think he will do fine. It also proves once again that the idea of a “radio network” show usually doesn’t do it in Montreal, we aren’t all that interested in hearing other people’s opinions, we enjoy out own. Ryan Doyle was suppose to be the great white hope of Canadian radio, the new voice of whatever. All hype. Soon enough they added in Tarek Fatah, and the show became all about Toronto, with little effort to respect Montreal in any manner. At the end, they had become even less relevant to our market than playing 2 or 3 hours of golden oldies music. That really says something.

    Dan Delmar will do a much better job. At least the show will be somewhat relevant for the listenership.

  2. Jay Roberts

    You have to be kidding.

    Money and benefits?

    CJHR pays their mid day guy, Dai Bassett, 18 K a year and paid their previous morning guy 15 dollars an hour.

    Plus the station has no format, none, zero, nada, no PD, no MD, no format.

    Good luck Andrew.

  3. Philip

    Sorry, as I tried to find a suitable place to ask this question, but My mother and I were discussing things while listening to CJAD. We both realised that Father John Walsh has dissapeared from Sunday Afternoons. He moved from 6 pm to 4 pm due to the Habs show, (even if there is too much hockey programming on CJAD right now, no hockey on Saturdays) Anyways, now they have Eramelinda hosting a show from 4 to 5. I know he retired from his religious duties last year, but what happened between him and CJAD? Anyone know the whole story?

    BTW, I hope CJAD have good ideas once the hockey playoffs are finished. I wouldn’t mind hearing some new shows just no more Delmar or Coast to Coast. UGH…..

  4. Jacques From Laprairie

    Dan Delmar in the evening?

    That is HARDLY an improvement over what’s his name the self proclaimed bigmouth broadcasting on the “fastest growing network in Canada”

    I remember listening to Dan Delmar filling in last summer and spending a half hour on The Olympic stadium and encouraging listeners to call in with their opinions on the roof or some other thing.

    The fact that he did not know who the architect of the Olympic stadium or any history on the sad sack history of the stadium sealed the deal and my opinion about the Y2010 version of CJAD.

    It seems that the community mission of CJAD is to dumb down Montrealers who listen to CJAD.


    Meanwhile CKAC /98.5 has reinstituted the 1AM to 3AM talk show with Jacques Fabbi and I still have to tune into WABC770 out of new york city to hear intelligent overnight talk radio reminiscent of Sol Boxembaum’s format.. great bumper music and almost no forced topic.. anything can be discussed, (even the middle east and religion).




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