Clip du Plateau

I was a bit curious why, on a bus at 2 a.m., a woman would be carrying a poster with pictures of Guy A. Lepage tied to it with white paper clips. I’d even considered asking her.

But I fear any rational explanation for this, and so I kind of prefer it to remain a mystery.

6 thoughts on “Clip du Plateau

  1. dom

    To remind everyone on the bus what a self-involved navel-gazing douche-y “pĂ©teux” he, and by extension, his show, has become?

  2. Mike

    Don’t let her start talking to you… She’ll go on and on and on about how amazing he is. I’ve seen this woman a few times over the years in a few busses. She’s definitely something. :)

  3. J

    Sorry about this late comment, but I fell upon this post while doing a search on google… This woman is the most annoyong, and I had the misfortune of being on the bus, with a driver friend of mine, when she boarded… lets just say I learnt more aboutr this guy then I will ever want to know…

    Though haven’t seen her in a while, I know through my driver friend she always gets on the 141 at the corner of his street (They are neibours, lucky him…) on the last departure, from beaugrand metro,,, so that departure is to be avoided….


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