Geekfest this weekend

The second annual Geekfest is this weekend at Au Coeur des Sciences de l’UQAM.

I won’t be able to make it there myself because I’m working this weekend (particularly during all the good stuff like the video game orchestra show), but you should go and pay the few bucks to get in, because you’ll see things like this:

Ancient Macintosh computers!

8-bit video game scenes recreated pixel by pixel!

Tetris cake!

People playing video games!

People taking poorly-lit photos of cosplay!

The Gazette’s Al Kratina has an interview with the organizers and a better idea of what it’s like here. (Yes, that’s my headline, and yes, it’s an Anchorman reference.)

3 thoughts on “Geekfest this weekend

  1. Apple IIGS

    Aww, I missed it! Figures I’d read about an event like that only to find it out it already happened. :D Ah well, I may just visit the 3rd Geekfest!

    The vintage Apple display piqued my curiosity. In the photo above I see a Macintosh 128, a Lisa 2 (or possibly Macintosh XL?) and a Compaq Portable. Were there any others?

    I’ve got my own little museum tucked away incidentally. A 1978-vintage Apple II, an Apple II Plus, IIe, IIc, IIc Plus, Apple IIGS, Mac 128, Mac Plus, Mac SE, and even an Apple III. And of course a VIC-20, C64, Tandy Color Computer 3, Atari ST, Amiga, Vectrex, Colecovision, Intellivision, 2600, Nintendo Game & Watch, Tomy electronic table-top LED games, etc, etc. Some of it saved from my childhood, the rest collected some 20 years ago, when this stuff was considered junk. Now it’s antique vintage collectibles. Hah. :)

      1. Apple IIGS

        Just three old computers, that’s it? Somehow I imagined there was a small museum set up off to the side….guess not. :)

        I found my Mac 128 at a thrift shop in Montreal for $4. I was a little disappointed when I brought it home and discovered it had been upgraded (internally) to a Mac ‘512K Enhanced’ with some extra memory. Still, it has the very original shell casing from 1984 and in perfect condition with no yellowing!

        Here’s some snap shots I took of it awhile back:


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