"Supermoon", as shot from the Belvedere in Mount Royal Park

The media hype (ahem) projected something a bit more dramatic than what really was. I had to explain to a couple at the lookout that despite the label “supermoon” this was just a slightly larger, slightly brighter moon, and you really don’t notice the change.

Nevertheless, a full moon on a clear Saturday night is a fun time to take photos (and, based on my unscientific observations, cuddle up with a boyfriend or girlfriend).

5 thoughts on “Supermoon

  1. Christelle

    You weren’t the only one up there!

    Too bad you can’t see stars too in the city… :P

    I liked the moon last night…

  2. p.

    funny as I was driving on the southshore around 7pm saturday, and the moon was very low on the horizon and was alot bigger than usual. From the southshore, it was definitely a supermoon. (although, pictures taken from an iPhone revealed a normal moon.. didn’t carry a decent camera with me)

    1. Gary

      It’s the same with me. Was going to the movies in Kirkland, and the supermoon was very obvious. (This is at about 7:30-8:00. Coming back at 11:30, it was at it’s normal size it seemed.

  3. Fred BelAir

    all darkness-related activites are better in the Mont Megantic dark-sky zone.

    When the moon is down and the clouds are out, you cannot see the hand right in front of your face. So… imagine how bright the moon and stars appear on a clear night. Simply amazing experience. And you can rent a chalet right on top of the Mont Megantic mountain!!!!


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