3 thoughts on “Happy Moving Day

  1. Vahan

    I pity some landlords. Have you seen some of the decrepit furniture coming out of the apartments? I could imagine what shape the rooms are in, if this is what is coming out. Fucking gross, why do people have to live like pigs just because they don’t own the place? Why not have respect for your own health and safety and run a fucking vacuum sometime and clean up the empties and ashtrays? Thirty is not the new twenty, grow up you bunch of morons, stop playing the stupid video games all night and clean yourselves up. You have finally moved out of mommies house and out in the big world by yourselves. But she is no longer around to clean up your filth. Tele-sales and medical experiments will only get you so much money. Oh and get off my lawn…. .

  2. emdx

    I was lucky for my last move… I went away for a year, so I slowly moved most of my furniture to a friend who didn’t have much. When I came back, he said “come be my roommate until you find a place”. And three weeks later, he said “fuck this, I can’t find a job, I can’t find a girlfriend… I’m going back to France. Do you want the appartment?”. So, in essence I moved-in a good year in advance… :)


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