2 thoughts on “The Ruth Ellen Brosseau love song

  1. Vahan

    Poor Ruth she is so out of her element. I think every party has a few throw away candidates to toss under the bus when things go sour and she may be the kid that gets that job done. I feel more sorry for Mulcair who is stuck with having to babysit her so she won’t do or say anything stupid.Can’t wait for her duck face pictures to come out from her past or maybe some past spring break girls gone wild stuff. Yeah, I’m generalizing because she is young and a woman, but it is fun to speculate. Hey, she did go away to Vegas, and you know how many struggling single mothers need a vacation away from it all and especially to a town with a reputation like Vegas.

  2. Mark

    Love it! Thanks for posting. I’ve discovered that one of the snowmen actually works in my office here in Vancouver!


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