28 thoughts on “Caption Lori, Todd and Mutsumi

    1. Fagstein Post author

      Do me a favour? Send me that full size picture of Lori. And her phone number. OK, forget it, just her phone number.

      I don’t think that qualifies as a caption. And I don’t know how far you’re going to get with the phone, especially since her voice has just about disappeared over the past couple of days.

  1. dave

    Mr Chuckles Ron Reusch just said that him, McGowan and Haugland would have no problem coming back and doing this show in High Definition.

    1. Fagstein Post author

      Ok help me out, I don’t get what the picture is showing

      That’s kind of the point. Make something up.

      There is an actual story behind this photo, but I’ll tell it later.

  2. Babu

    Todd- “hey Mits, Lori just tweeted that she thinks that she’ll still be the weathergirl when she’s older and less attractive”

    Lori-*nervous laugh*

  3. Apple IIGS

    “Hey Mutsumi, check out this picture of the new head of the Office Québécois de la Langue Français, Louise Marchand. French is threatened..ooooo…scary. Just not as scary as her face!!”

  4. Apple IIGS

    “Hey Mutsumi, check it out. Jean Charest just texted me and says he thinks he’s going win the next provinical election!”

  5. Fagstein Post author

    Here’s the actual story behind this photo:

    I was at CFCF’s studio on Papineau Ave. researching a story about their new studio. This was three few weeks after the studio launched, and they’d settled into it pretty well, but there were still a few minor things.

    Mutsumi Takahashi called me over during a break in the noon newscast and asked me to help her with her computer monitor. It sits below the glass top of the anchor desk, and the bright lights in the desk produce a huge amount of glare, making the monitors hard to see. She wanted to see if the brightness or contrast could be increased to let her see better.

    As Mutsumi and I are crouched under the desk, Todd van der Heyden grabs his BlackBerry and takes a photo of us. Apparently that was hilarious. It certainly made Mutsumi laugh.

    Turns out the screen’s contrast was already at its maximum, so there was nothing I could do.


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