13 thoughts on “Caption CBC’s Sue Smith

  1. A Non

    So Arbec is going back to ‘CF, Frank is moving over to anchor chair and you want me to do the weather in addition to my hosting duties because I have lots of free time?

  2. Vahan

    No! I’m Sue Smith from the C.B.C! Sue Thomas F.B.Eye was a t.v. program. Please listen, no I am not investigating anything at the moment…. yes I’m a host on the radio, but all I want now is….excuse me, no the F.B.I is a U.S based organization, I’m from the C.B.C…. Yes they have investigators, but that is not the point of my call, listen all I need is a hair cut, a roots touch up and a blow dry, I need to update my head-shots, please ask Eduardo if he is available for me, it has been a long time. Autograph? My autograph? No I don’t know who Sue Thomas was played by, I’ll look into it for you, so we are good for Saturday then? Thank you…..

  3. JPB

    “Hello, Info-Santé? It seems that I have a fist wedged in the back of my head. I just wanted to know….”

  4. Francis

    Hi Patricia? um, i need to ask a um a favour of you and uh Bernie uh again…you’ve always gone um out of your uh way to keep me at uh cbc uh and uh, ….


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