Fertility gods open jobs at The Beat


There must be something in the water at CKBE-FM, or maybe a delayed (and unusual) reaction to Aaron Rand’s departure last year, because both the morning and afternoon traffic announcers are pregnant.

The video above is from morning traffic announcer Natasha Hall. She’s been keeping a blog at The Beat’s website¬†chronicling her pregnancy and all the stuff that a first-time mother learns that isn’t in the guidebook or in the movies. (It’s similar to Lisa’s Wedding Blog, a video series done by former CJAD promotions director Lisa Fuoco in 2009-10.) As Natasha’s video title says, she’s got about a month left before that thing the size of her head gets pushed out and she can go back to walking instead of waddling.

The afternoon announcer, Claudia Marques, has a bit more time to wait. She’s at about 30 weeks now.

Cogeco has posted part-time, temporary positions to fill both of their jobs. Requirements include three years of on-air experience and knowledge of Montreal’s road network, along with the usual qualities needed to be an on-air talent at a radio station.

The deadline is Monday.

4 thoughts on “Fertility gods open jobs at The Beat

  1. Vahan

    Man oh man, put a camera in someone’s face and they will sure make a fool out of themselves. That is something we all need to see, a pregnant woman putting on her underpants. Maybe if she put some forethought into it we would have had a video of the conception. Hindsight is always 20/20 isn’t it?


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