13 thoughts on “Caption CTV’s Christine Long

    1. Vahan

      Come on people, who will give me ten dollars to pull my finger. The money is for a good cause, colonoscopy cameras for the MUHC.

  1. Shawn

    Thirty-five dollar bid it now, forty dollar, forty
    Will you gimmie forty, make it forty
    Bid it on a forty dollar, will you gimmie forty
    Who’ll-ll bid it at a forty dollar bid?
    Forty dollar bid it now, forty-five
    Will you gimmie forty-five,
    To make it forty-five, to bid it a forty-five
    Who woulda bid it at a forty-five dollar bid?

  2. Vahan

    What is the deal with that Faguy, why is he always here, does he not have a job? Security could you please escort Steve, over there, out of the building, he is creeping all of us out a bit.


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