“A credible delivery system”

It’s never not awkward selling yourself. It feels so vain, so self-important. And at times it can feel like you’re kidding yourself, giving yourself too much credit for minor accomplishments.

I take the humble route. When people praise me and my blog, I pretend they’re exaggerating. (But deep down we all know this is the greatest blog to have ever graced the Internet. Right?)

Anyway, I stumbled upon a YouTube channel in which some local radio people are selling themselves like they’re on an awkward video dating service. I don’t want to make them feel too embarrassed about it, but it’s too funny not to post:

Sharman Yarnell

Peter Anthony Holder

Andrew Peplowski (see him in action selling a USB drive)

The videos were done by KEMEdia, a West Island video production house run by Mike Reid, who judging from the website is trapped in the late 1990s.

(Note to KEMEdia: If you’re selling people as voice-over talent and yourself as a video production house, maybe don’t have their pitch videos done in the echo chamber of doom.)

11 thoughts on ““A credible delivery system”

  1. Frank

    Man loves to use Apple’s iWeb but hope he has a backup plan cause iWeb will eventually break.
    From his site though I learned a bit more (ok, a lot more) about his dad, Paul Reid. Quite the sad end to a formidable career. Too bad Ted Blackman was instrumental in the downward spiral and the events reminded me of Ted Bird’s/Dimonte’s reasons for leaving.

  2. (Not) Ivan Fecan

    From a Tempo garage in DDO, featuring the same green screen technology from Global Montreal news, with Realistic mics from the now defunct RadioShack at Fairview Mall, KEMEdia presents Beau, Bon, Pas Cher Télé. Look for the KEMEdia do it yourself TV production kit for the holidays, brought to you by Ronco and Telefilm Canada.

  3. Daniel Freedman

    In keeping with the bad dating service motif…

    ..and what might follow:

    Please consider carefully the possible hidden meaning s of Andy Peplowski’s line:

    “Give me 30 seconds and I’ll give you exactly what you want.”

  4. Ivan Fitzan

    I will no longer be known as (not) Ivan Fecan, long live Ivan Fitzan, maybe I can get Andy to give me 30 seconds.

  5. Gord, NYC

    Oh, yikes…. This is pretty grim. The scripting is just awful. Still, too bad that experienced voiceover people and tenured radio folk have to resort to this kind of thing.


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