12 thoughts on “Caption Frank Cavallaro

  1. ladyjaye

    Today Frank is cloudy with a chance of thunderstorm… That or he just misses showing his zucchini on TV like he used to on Pulse News…

  2. Ivan Fitzan

    CFCF, then CBC what’s next for me VOX or The Wether Network? With these cuts coming they may jetesen me from the CBMT and replace me with one of the staff from the CBC Weather Centre in Toronto. I wonder if Van Der Hayden can hook me up with a gig with the CTV News Channel?

  3. Vahan

    Don’t move an inch Frank, just blend into the background. If they can’t see you the can’t downsize you.

  4. Sheldon

    Do I have to dress like this for the weather updates on radio as well or can I continue to do them with no pants on like I usually do???


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