West Island drivers elated by plan for new 76-lane expressway

An ingenious solution to the West Island traffic problem has been proposed by a member of François Legault’s Coalition Avenir Québec: Just build a highway big enough that they can’t complain about it anymore.

The proposed 76-lane expressway (40 lanes eastbound, 36 lanes westbound) would require destroying most of Westmount below Sherbrooke Street, as well as parts of LaSalle and a big chunk of Lachine, but Moe Vessidé says it would eliminate traffic congestion along Highways 20 and 720, including the busiest part of Quebec’s busiest highway interchange, the Turcot.

A cost hasn’t been confirmed, though Vessidé said it would probably be about the same as the cost of the Turcot refit. “And with the current plan, the problem isn’t going away. Why not eliminate it for good?”

Environmental and city heritage groups are expected to oppose the plan.

4 thoughts on “West Island drivers elated by plan for new 76-lane expressway

  1. drak Pellant

    And there better not be no god dang bike paths on this here major improvement to my daily aggravation, I mean car commute.


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