The Beat to sponsor First Annual Beat-Off For The Cure

As part of its continuing marketing campaign to get its new station to the number one spot, The Beat 92.5 is planning a giant music-themed charity event this summer. Called Beat-Off For The Cure, the event is expected to gather thousands of Montrealers at the Olympic Stadium at some point in June (the exact date hasn’t been set yet) for a giant music party.

“We’ll want everyone to Beat off with us,” said new promotions director Ann Ewento. “It’s going to be the hottest party of the summer.”

What will make the party exceptionally fun will be that participants can choose the songs that are played through a special iPhone app called Beat Off, in which participants do head-to-head battles to get popular support for their proposed song collections. “We’re figuring that people’s right hands will be sore after playing Beat Off so much,” Ewento said. “I’ve tried it, and let me tell you that winning a Beat Off requires quick hands and a lot of endurance.”

Ewento predicts Beating Off will be particularly popular among teenagers.

The Beat seems pretty confident about this event (calling it the “first annual” suggests they know it’ll succeed and warrant a sequel next year). Ewento said she’s very certain everyone is going to go home satisfied after Beating off, win or lose.

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