Postmedia to buy The Suburban

In a deal to be announced just before the markets open tomorrow, Postmedia Network Inc., the owner of The Gazette, the National Post and other papers is buying Montreal’s Suburban newspaper for an undisclosed sum.

The Suburban is a weekly newspaper (with an online-only weekly magazine) with three editions for the three parts of the island, published by Michael Sochaczevski. No change to this is expected in the short term after the acquisition.

“We’re impressed with the quality of the Suburban newspaper and feel it’s a great fit for our company,” said one Postmedia executive who didn’t want to be named because the deal had not been announced yet. “Its angryphone, pro-Israel, anti-commie-leftist editorial line also creates great synergy with our other newspapers, particularly the National Post. And we’re looking to make (editor-in-chief) Beryl Wajsman a national columnist.”

The deal is expected to open the door to some synergies between the Suburban and The Gazette, including shared stories. The Suburban is also expected to add a business section with content from the Financial Post.

6 thoughts on “Postmedia to buy The Suburban

  1. Ibrahim Imiru

    I feel like a total idiot. I actually believed you, Fagstein.

    My only defense is that I read it on April 2nd.

  2. Michael D

    Needless to say, u wasn’t fooled because I saw the blogs first and secondly, Postmedia smarter than that. I wouldn’t even but it for free, but if I did, Beryl W, would be gone in a heartbeat.


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