CBC Montreal building new set

Debra Arbec doing the news from the newsroom set

UPDATE (April 18): The new set is done. See what it looks like here.

Much like CFCF did last year, CBMT is doing its daily newscasts from its newsroom set as its main set is being torn down and redone.

Andrew Chang gave viewers an idea of what’s going into the new set on Monday’s newscast. It will involve a new desk with a Plexiglas top. Behind the anchors will be five HD plasma screens, and a large 70-inch touchscreen will also be on the set, which is being designed in house in the Maison Radio-Canada.

Until then, the evening newscast will be hosted from the set that sits just outside the control room, which itself is just beside the newsroom. Reporters doing live in-studio segments, which were done from this set, have been moved to an adjacent room that is used for remote interviews for CBC News Network or The National. Frank Cavallaro’s weather set is a green screen just a few feet from the desk Arbec is sitting at above.

The 10:55pm newscast is done from this set as well, except with a green screen lowered behind it.

Because the camera for this set is standard definition, anchors won’t be appearing in HD until the camera is upgraded or they move into their new set. And, like with CFCF last year, the set only fits one, so Arbec and Chang will have to alternate behind the desk.

11 thoughts on “CBC Montreal building new set

  1. ?

    Is it me or is Andrew Chang’s 11:55 Newscast looking like it is done out of Toronto until the new set is ready?

    1. Fagstein Post author

      Is it me or is Andrew Chang’s 11:55 Newscast looking like it is done out of Toronto until the new set is ready?

      The late newscast is done in front of a green screen next to the control room (the same place Arbec is in the photo above). The virtual set background used there hasn’t changed.

    1. Matt Smith

      the virtual set at Global Montreal is pretty good but CTV’s new set is a bit better and they get extra points for having a real constructed set.

    2. Fagstein Post author

      I like Global – very original and large!

      The problem is it’s actually very tiny, and that becomes apparent whenever there are multiple guests in the studio.

      Additionally, anything that either casts a shadow or reflects light causes the chroma key to not work properly, leaving a very distracting shimmer effect. This becomes apparent when you have wide shots during Focus Montreal and will also be apparent in the morning show if they try to do it in the same set.

      1. Matt Smith

        Im thinking they will get a small constructed area for the Morning News like Global Regina and Global Saskatoon. However they might not bother since most of the money goes to the stations in the west.

    3. TheUglyTruth

      Sets in Montreal are boring. CTV news have traditional sets that do the job, without blowing the mind of anyone. Except for Toronto and Vancouver. The one of Toronto is huge and has impact.

      In Montreal, I always loved the old TQS one of Le Grand Journal. The original one with the windows showing the streets.

      But there are no revolution in terms of news studio in Canada. In the US, in some markets, but it is also really boring and fake. The real stuff is happening in Europe with fantastic sets that are not just fake walls in a cold tv station basement.

  2. TheUglyTruth

    OMG, just crazy. Crazy to see how they spend their money. Just damn crazy. Some big private stations change their set every 15 years in the US. In the last 15 years, how many times did CBC change it ? Canada Now and all their other crappy concepts. This is sad. This is just really sad.

    So soon, there’s gonna be what ? A few thousands people who will see the new set ? And most of them will probably not even care.

    This is exactly when I am telling myself that cuts at the CBC are worth it. But, but…what is sad is that instead of cutting cost in these areas (building new studio, doing promo items, buying ads everywhere,…), they cut in the jobs. Employees should not pay for disconnected bosses bad decisions.

    On the french side ? The ridiculous decision to put local news bulletins during the weekend in super small markets. Sherbrooke, Quebec,…insane. They are paying Pascale Nadeau, who is doing a fantastic job, to do a national weekend report, but start local weekend reports at the same time? They shoudl fix their ratings issue during the week, before attacking TVA during the weekend.

    We love CBC/Radio-Canada, we love investigations, we love international news, we love what different it brings. But it doesn’t mean that a lot of shit doesn’t happen too. Privatize the CBC ? No ! But a better management with a responsible attitude.

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