12 thoughts on “Caption CFCF anchor Paul Karwatsky and GM Louis Douville

  1. Frank

    I am so requesting a raise for donning this ridiculous chapeau AND Mitz not being here not doing the same.

  2. Vahan

    O.K boss whatever you say, we will both “pretend” we are walking into the wind, yeah that will be so hilarious. Man the things you got to do to anchor 6PM.

  3. Bert

    Yeah, Mitz, I have them in my site. Yeah, they are wearing those Guinness hats. Yeah, they look ridiculous. No, I forgot my camera. No, Mitz, please no. Please forgive me……

  4. John

    CTV will do anything to make Paul Karwatsky more appealing to its target audience of 70+. Like making him look like a sissy from the 1950’s.

  5. dave

    Funny headgear is a sure-fire way of achieving higher approval ratings…trust me, I’m friends with Gilles Duceppe’s former campaign manager…

  6. Ivan Fitzan

    Since we took over City TV building on 299 Queen West all of us executives moved down town, much better choice of restaurants. We have left Scarbough and glad.

  7. pefder magfrok

    As per our corporate overlord’s instructions, this year we spent our budget on hats instead of beer. This better get us laid, since we’re not too drunk to f*** for a change.


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