9 thoughts on “Caption Global’s Elysia Bryan-Baynes

  1. TV guy

    “Well Elysia, the good news is you get a cameraman in Montreal. The bad news is that we’re replacing your arms with robotic ones that can be controlled remotely from Edmonton!”

  2. mike

    What is this craziness about captions? First of all is really boring. Second, a TV/radio personality is appreciated for what is he/she doing on the screen/microphone. I don’t understand why we should care about them outside their job. Are you people bored or nothing else to do with your life?
    Is this a campaign to promote this dying industry?

    1. Vahan

      I am bored with my life. Fagstien blog is the only thing that keeps me going. Captioning to me is what knitting is to all the hipsters, no captioning is my texting, no, no, better yet captioning is my draw something. No captioning is my captioning. Let’s get an app for captioning so I could easily caption from my smartphone. Did I mention I’m bored.

  3. pefder magfrok

    What do you mean these are just like green screen? What do you mean you can change them in the studio? What are you going to change these into? Hello? Hey, no messing around you guys, unless you want to feel the power of Elysia knocking some sense into your pointy little studio geek heads.


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