12 thoughts on “Caption the Virgin and Beat promotions SUVs

  1. Derek Cassoff

    Let’s pull up real close to the Gazette offices. This should increase our chances of making it into Faguy’s blog.

  2. Lorne

    Virgin GM says to Beat GM, “You have copied our music and taken away some of our staff, but copying our SUV promotion idea is going too far”.

  3. Vahan

    Hey you, 96, will you please play that Maybe song one more time while we wait to start the parade. Yeah back to you Beat, I understand your music is very pedestrian, but could you get off the crosswalk. Hey 96, nice you are playing that Maybe song again, can’t get enough of it, where is the CHOM truck with Knickleback by the way?

  4. Fa\\n

    “We’ve packed up all the station gear, just in case the PQ wins this fall. That way we can make a fast escape to Ontario!”

  5. Jim P

    “Look there is SUV waitin behind you. You just want to beat it. So ya wanna pay the goin rate I’ll take my business to the Virgins.”


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