9 thoughts on “Caption city councillor Alex Norris on a bike

  1. Vahan

    Which light to I use to cross? That one? No that one? Come on which one? Wifebeater here, is he crossing on my light or am I crossing on his? So many rules to follow. The rules change for each corner you are on, bike path this rule, street the other rule. Come on somebody tell me when I could cross!

  2. Vahan

    Helmet, I don’t need no stinking helmet! Look how well I balance on my bike in a stopped position. Does it look like I need a helmet, or even closed toed shoes for that matter? I’m a rebel man, have you heard about my necktie incident? That’s right walk away, keep moving tough guy.

  3. Jack

    Thanks Councillor Norris, it is rare thing to see elected officials practicing what they preach.Good on ya


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