14 thoughts on “Caption Todd van der Heyden

  1. erydan

    I was like “woohaa” and he was like “duuude” and I was like “freaky” and he was like “totally” and then he was like “dude, your drinking Coke Zero. What happened to you?” and I was like “I don’t know, it’s the only thing they have in stock cause no one else buys it”

  2. Pefder Magfrok

    Ok, listen. When I wear a red tie, I want no red in the background. What do you mean, it’s a Jardin de Metis garden and we can’t change it? How is that thing a garden? it’s what? a post modern garden? Where the plants? What do you mean post modern means no plants and nothing living or green or flowering? How is that a garden. Stop telling me it’s a post-modern garden. stop it! Is this some sort of joke?

    I’m so confused!

  3. Pefder Magfrok

    Hey watch this neat trick I learned.

    I’m going to close my eyes, and pretend that summer hasn’t ended. And then when I open my eyes… it’ll be summer again!

  4. Peter McGill

    Um, yes the colours of my suit and tie actually are an ad for coke zero, but they told me it was supposed to be subliminal.

    At least Coke is helping to pay for this broadcast, unlike you internet mooches wanting everything for free.

    Now I am going to close my eyes and wait for you to go and buy a coke before I start to read any more news. Go ahead… I can wait. Did you buy a coke? I can’t see so you better be telling the truth. Hey! No Pepsi!

  5. Pat McGhee

    This has gotta be a dream. Sure it looks like a TV studio, but when I open my eyes it turns out to be a desk on a sidewalk. So I am going to close my eyes, go back to sleep and when I wake up, it’ll be a proper TV studio.

    Ok, 1,2,3, Aieee! Dam budget cuts!

  6. Patty Malavoy

    Man, these teleprompter contact lenses are great. How do I look guys? Guys? Why is everyone laughing? WTF? Who’s taking pictures? Stop taking pictures. I don’t want this to show up on that Fagstein blog. Uh-oh, um, hi there Steve, welcome to the set. What are you doing here… with that camera?

  7. Jim P

    To help me get into my CJAD radio gig, I close my eyes and imagine I am in the CTV Montreal studios again. When I open them I feel like I’m doin’ a remote from the Zellers garden center. Get me back to T.O.


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