Broadcaster Kathy Coulombe dies

Kathy Coulombe, a long-time broadcaster with CKO, CJAD, CHOM and Radio Canada International, died this weekend of lymphoma lung cancer.

The first news came from another veteran broadcaster, Jim Connell, in an email to the Radio in Montreal group. Those who worked with her quickly offered condolences via social media.

Obituaries have been posted by The Gazette, CJAD, CBC, RCI and Presse Canadienne, and already one blog post has gone up from Howie Silbiger with an anecdote about how they met.

I never met Coulombe, so I’ll just let other people’s memories speak for themselves:

UPDATE: More memories from Dino Sisto.

And Coulombe’s pet cat needs a new home.

7 thoughts on “Broadcaster Kathy Coulombe dies

    1. Fagstein Post author

      So Kathy Coulombe died Friday, not Saturday(as CTV Montreal reported & Jim Connell posted on RIM).

      Connell’s message didn’t specify a day. Word got out late Saturday about her death.

    2. Sheldon

      Friday, or Saturday…does it really make a difference? Remembering her life and respecting her passing and extending our condolences to her family, friends and colleagues are the things that really matter, don’t you think, Steve?

      1. Steve W

        Was ONLY asking for a clarification(didn’t say Fagstein got his information wrong). Otherwise, in overall scope of things not really that important.

  1. Steve W

    I’d asked you mostly for clarification. Certainly it could of happened on Friday. Even Sue Montgomery’s brief Gazette piece online on Kathy Coulombe stated she died Saturday.

  2. Michael D

    Another Great radio Voice silenced forever. Remember meeting her at some media event which I accompanied someone and was introduced to her, and surprisingly, and hearing about her extreme privacy ,,was glad to exchange a short conversation..

    Her news delivery was serious but laid back, it was the type of newscast that you couldn’t wait to listen to.

    But upon hearing this sad news, it strikes me, that like another great memorable voice in a different sense, she and this other voice being Ted Tevan, were innocent victims at their stations, for a variety of reasons.
    Tevan, was fired by then CFCF PD Ted Blackman for one of the reasons floating around at the time that Tevan was responsible for Blackman’s low morning show ratings, not accepting that there were two people out there who were better being the great George Balcan and the wonderful Ralph Lockwood. It was an ego trip

    As for Kathy, apparently it was a budget cutback during one of the recent purges..but why her instead of others, who I could name here, but there would be no point…I, for one, was hoping that someone of her stature could be picked up by the new group, TTP Media…

    The point here is it seems great voices and personailities get the shaft..there are others I could name..RIP Miss Coulombe.


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