10 thoughts on “Caption Andrew Chang on location

  1. Pefder Magfrok

    In in the states they use botox by the bucket, but up here in Montreal we simply use subzero temperatures to freeze Andrew’s features into the perfect TV face.

    Oh, uh-oh, quick turn on the light, we went too far, Andrew is actually frozen! Andrew, why didn’t you say anything?

    Mpphmhmmphh mnnhhphhmmm.

  2. PeterMcGill

    “C’mon Andrew smile. ”

    “I am smiling.”

    Andrew that’s not smiling.”

    “yes it is.”

    “Oooookay then, maybe you need to tone down the botox a bit dude.”

    (godaang zombie-faced tv personalities)

  3. Vaudreuil Bob

    Great! I’m stuck with this camera guy again. He takes forever to set up. Can’t he see I’m freezing here.

  4. Alex H

    “In this story about pedestrians being hit by a car, we have decided to sacrifice our camera man by making him stand in traffic until someone hits him. It’s been 4 cold hours, and I am still waiting”

  5. Peggy McClegg

    The photo shows Andrew Chang demonstrating that he is a master of of the Arctic-stillness style of Zen.

    Not a muscle is moving, not a calorie is being wasted. Core heat energy is being retained and used to maintain Andrew’s body temperature. This will keep Andrew alive and well until indoor shelter can be gained.

    Andrew Chang, I salute you! (And I love you so much!)

  6. PC Maslet

    Man, it is so freaking cold. Uh, oh. Oh no. I hope this coat covers the fact that this cold is causing some major shrinkage in the dude department.


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