12 thoughts on “Caption Andrew Carter

  1. Lorne

    “Just ate my usual 5 lemons after I wake up, to make sure I can get through the show without falling back to sleep.”

  2. Frank

    “Wonder if this golf ball in my mouth will help me get through sentences without butchering them. Hmm, wait, I just realized I can’t giggle or shout names incessantly either.”


    “I want to be Aaron Rand”

  3. Paul N. Marrow

    Apparently models remove rear teeth to get this sexy sunken cheek look, but all I need is to think about Pauline Marois naked.

  4. Pefder Magfrok

    Wow, there’s a lot more zeros on my total pay contract this year! Oh, I am now getting paid in Yen? And I get a fresh juicy lemon every day? Man I remember back when we got free… oops, better not talk about that, Steve Faguy is in the office. Oh, hi steve. nice to see you. Want some lemon? Really good for the vocal cords.

  5. cd

    “I need a doctor… Get me the phone number of that private medical clinic I do ads for. I hope I can get a freebie !! “


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