7 thoughts on “Caption CBC’s Sabrina Marandola on the phone

  1. Lorne

    “In other news today, a woman was spotted aimlessly walking around Montreal wearing a silly green hat.”

  2. Pefder Magfrok

    This is for radio right, no way this hat will ever appear on TV or the internet right? RIGHT??? You better be right, because as weatherwoman, I can bring down quite the wrath on you and that winter vacation of yours.

  3. Tommy M. Finger

    “Wait. Where are you on the map, right now? Imagine, I bend down to tie my shoelaces and the parade passes me by.”

  4. Pam McClure

    What? The entire cbc team is in jail? Wait, what? Why? FREE green beer? And I have to get you out in time for tonight’s broadcast?

    What did I tell you this morning about that green beer?

    Explain again why it’s me who always has to be the adult? Are you going to listen to me next time? You BETTER promise!


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