Cult MTL brings back Best of Montreal readers’ poll

Best of Montreal


When Quebecor shut down Mirror last June, we just assumed the annual Best of Montreal readers’ poll was dead. But fear not, folks, because its unofficial successor Cult MTL is bringing it back.

The concept remains the same: Readers fill out an online form listing their favourite restaurants, clothing shops and media personalities, often following campaigns from those restaurants, clothing shops and media personalities eager for free advertising. The results are compiled and published, often leading to complaints from hipsters that too many mainstream things are popular.

You can fill out the survey here until May 17. The results will be published in the June edition of the paper.

Cult is also encouraging Instagram users to get involved, snapping and sharing pics of their favourite things.

4 thoughts on “Cult MTL brings back Best of Montreal readers’ poll

    1. Fagstein Post author

      But tragically they have abandoned the “best blog” category.

      I think the intent is that Best Website incorporates it. Blogs are SO last decade.

  1. Faiz Imam

    You’ll be happy to know both you came to mind when I saw that.

    fraid to say Kate won because she posts more than once a Month :)

  2. Mikey

    I wonder if it’s an attempt to make sure their own website is in the running, since you couldn’t quite call The Cult a blog. Yes, to a large extent the line between blogs and websites is blurrier now, but there are still plenty of good websites on the blog side of the line and The Cult’s renaming of the category shifts things in their favour. Not that the BOM is a huge deal… I’m just sayin.


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