8 thoughts on “Caption Bell Media Vice-President of Regulatory Affairs Kevin Goldstein

  1. Lorne

    “Asking the pretty lady on my left for a date doesn’t seem like a good idea right now, the expression on her face is pretty hostile!”

  2. Pefder Magfrok

    Sure, everybody in the country hates my and my company’s guts, but I’m rich, oh so rich, so I don’t care. God, look at these dweebs… who cares what they think, we’ll get our way one way or the other. Poor pathetic peons. Also, gosh my hands look nice, and so soft too. See how I wear my watch on the wrong arm? I am so not like these people. Hey, is she playing footsie with me? All right! Finally a reason to be here.

  3. David

    It’s 1:00pm and I am still working at Bell Media. I can’t believe they’ve kept me on this long after the CTV takeover.


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