8 thoughts on “Caption Peter Mansbridge

  1. Lorne

    “I am now going to tell you tomorrow’s news aided by my hand, which is able to see into the future. This way I won’t be needed tomorrow and can take the day off!”

  2. Steve yugfay

    it’s in the air. I can almost taste it. “This is my mix”………mmmmmmmmmmmmmm!
    anyone got a spoon?

  3. Pefder Magfrok

    In case anyone asks, I am much better senator material than that Puffy fellow ever was or will be.

    Is anyone asking?

    Anyone? Hello? Is there anyone listening?

    Am I just talking to my hand? Ah, my hand, you will be my friend won’t you? Hey, there’s something written here. “Call Steve.” I wonder what that means. I better talk to my producer.


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