The Beat wants to hire a stunt person*

“Hey class clowns, comedians, comics, funny people! Listen up… looking for a gig where you can perform to a larger audience every day? 92.5 The Beat, in Montreal may have the new thing you are looking for.”

That’s how a recent job posting starts. In an apparent effort to pump up the Beat morning show’s not-so-fantastic ratings, it’s seeking a “stunt person” who will  “deliver ambitious and innovative content that is creative, fun and engaging, and should relate to a 25-44 female audience.”

The position’s roles aren’t too clearly defined, but social media is a big part of it. The job also involves being out in the city.

Program director Leo da Estrela says he’s been getting a “large number of applicants” since news of the job posting spread on social media.

The vague description is intentional: “It’s a white canvas for us,” he wrote to me in an email. “We’re seeing what’s out there with regards to talents and what can be good for radio.”

*He did specify that “stunt person” won’t be doing anything dangerous like jumping off cliffs or being in high-speed car chases.

People interested in the job have until July 19 to apply.

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