Photos: Behind the scenes at the Parc Avenue Tonight live taping

You might recall a few months ago I mentioned that CBC was going to record and air a special live-audience version of Dimitrios Koussioulas’s Mile End talk show Parc Avenue Tonight.

The show was recorded in front of a live audience on May 15 at Cabaret du Mile End. I was invited to witness the setup, and took a bunch of pictures. I talk a bit about the show for this story in Saturday’s Gazette, which discusses the state of local non-news television in English Montreal.

CBC Montreal presented Parc Avenue Tonight Live Saturday at 7pm as part of its Absolutely Quebec series of regional specials. You can watch it online if you missed it.

Thanks to Koussioulas, Carrie Haber and others involved with the show for letting me tag along.

2 thoughts on “Photos: Behind the scenes at the Parc Avenue Tonight live taping

  1. Media Man

    Interesting reading with your Gazette article about the sad state of non-news affairs…Louis Douvile hit it right on the head when he alluded to the CFCF glory days of Ogilvy Avenue..They were the busiest CTV affiliate in Canada..He’s also right about corporate control..and their worried about the bottom line and cutting costs and bowing to national sponsors.

    Surely an extra couple of hours a week at CTV Montreal won’t hurt them..and I take the position that corporate suits in Toronto don’t realize that the future of TV is local televison. In our 500-channel universe which you can reduce by a few hundred as those few hundred run the same syndicated shows…

    But aha, local TV is the key here, and CRTC should take some blame here having reduced local content requirements, which is a shame as the big market could handle a few more hours..

    A local music variety/lifestyle/culture type show would seem to be a missing show recorded possibly at a local theatre in a live audience setting…The City Sports show has yet to shine and would shine and grow more without the Sportsnet apron strings aka corporate controlled as Mr. Douville mentions.

    I had high hopes for the Whalley-Abbey Only in Montreal show, regrettably I missed the first show but based on your review, unless they change their topics or subject matter tape shows closer to airing, this show will lose steam quickly and it’s already making me pine for the days of McGowan’s Montreal, which if scheduled against this new Rogers offering, Don would be laughing all the way to the bank.

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