13 thoughts on “Caption Mitch Melnick

  1. Long Memory

    Misread this as “Captain Mitch Melnick” so my caption has to be:

    Mitch Melnick? By me, he’s a captain. By you, he’s a captain. But to a captain, he’s no captain.

  2. Lorne

    “I have the greatest news in the history of Montreal, we are getting another major league baseball team!”

  3. Sheldon

    What? Ted Bird’s coming to work here? What the F***? We’re not letting him do that lame Don Scarey crap, are we?

  4. Pefder Magfrok

    Help! My smile is stick again. Ouch! Please somebody help! Bobby, do me a favor please? Aw geez it hurts. Somebody!!!

  5. Fandango

    Well it’s six o’clock and I’m going take off and leave early and see a band that was relevent 30 years ago. What?!? I can’t can’t get away with that in Toronto!?! I have to stay to the end of my show?!?


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