CJLO celebrates fifth anniversary with concert

Concordia’s radio station is actually celebrating two anniversaries this year: It was created 15 years ago through the merger of two closed-circuit radio stations on the university’s two campuses. And it marks the fifth anniversary of its broadcasting at 1690 AM.

CJLO birthday

So it’s organizing a concert on Oct. 25, featuring Wintersleep, Fucked Up and Cadence Weapon. You can buy tickets here.

The station is also organizing an open house on the afternoon of Nov. 8. “If you’ve always been curious to see where your favourite shows broadcast from, this is the afternoon to do so!”

And on Saturday it’s hosting a party to end its artist outreach program, which created EPs for local artists thanks to a grant from the Community Radio Fund of Canada.

On the air, the station has undergone programming changes that happen with the student renewal that happens every fall. You can see the whole schedule here.

CJLO recently had its licence renewed to 2019. It’s been making waves about technical changes to improve its coverage, possibly a low-power FM transmitter downtown, but nothing has been published yet.

3 thoughts on “CJLO celebrates fifth anniversary with concert

  1. Dilbert

    Congrats for all the time on air, but wow, bad choice for bands… do you really need to support a band called “fucked up”?

  2. Wendy KH

    Fucked Up is actually pretty legendary. They’re a campus station, not a CPE station ;-) Disclaimer: one of their more francophone board members happens to be my roommate and asked “have you ever heard of these bands?” ;-) But he’s francophone, snotty about preferring franco-everything, and… well, compared to average undergrads… old.

  3. Neil K.

    When Fucked Up won the Polaris Prize a few years ago it was interesting to see how the mainstream press across Canada dealt with the issue of printing the band’s name. I think The Gazette allowed Mark Lepage to spell it out in full.


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