Weather/traffic shuffle at CBC Montreal

Sabrina Marandola, left, is leaving Thomas Daigle's weekend show to join Nancy Wood, right, on weeknights.

Sabrina Marandola, left, is leaving Thomas Daigle’s weekend show to join Nancy Wood, right, on weeknights.

The departure of Catherine Verdon-Diamond, who is now doing weather at Breakfast Television on City, has resulted in a shuffling of staff at CBC Montreal. Verdon-Diamond was the weather presenter on the 11pm newscast with Nancy Wood for only a few months before getting the City gig.

Taking her place, officially as of October, is Sabrina Marandola, who was doing the weekend weather with Thomas Daigle. Her job, in turn, is being taken by Jeremy Zafran, who was doing traffic for Homerun on CBC Radio One. He will continue doing that job Mondays to Wednesday’s.

On the other days, Homerun’s traffic desk will be run by Jennifer Allen. Allen has been doing traffic at CBC for a while, mainly on Daybreak.

3 thoughts on “Weather/traffic shuffle at CBC Montreal

  1. Tim

    Looking forward to picking up City OTA. From Chambly I can get the ICI (not Radio-Canada) placeholder signal clear as day, but City is still skittish at best.

  2. Steve W

    Any idea when Sabrina officially starts her late-night CBC weather M-F gig? She’s been off almost a month & October is near the end. Jeremy Zafran started right away doing the weekend weather on CBC TV Montreal.


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