7 thoughts on “Caption The Beat’s staff walking through the hay

  1. Lorne

    “The program director said after this we will have the full country experience and can begin the Beat’s new country music format!”

  2. Dilbert

    There are five o you looking and only three envelopes that Bell has permitted to let you keep your jobs. Go find them cowboys!

  3. Pefder Magfrok

    Oh yeah, we’re just walking through the hay, just like we’re farmers out on the farm, oh yeah, hey, what’s this big brown… HEY oh no I got this brown stuff on my nice shoes, anybody know what this brown stuff is? Manure?? What manure? It’s WHAT?!?!?!

  4. Sam Champlain

    What are we looking for again?

    A one-inch ling wireless microphone, of which we came here with five and there’s only four of them returned and they’re 900 bucks each so keep looking.


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