17 thoughts on “Caption me

  1. Peter Lemonjello

    After putting way too much rum in his eggnog, Steve empties his wallet for the latest in Anarchopanda headwear.

  2. Frank

    In no time Steve was indoctrinated and could recite anarcho-panda’s Anarchy Manifesto word for word.

    All the best for 2014, Steve.

  3. Michel

    I just now understood the “Caption me” thing so I’ll give it a second try:
    Not having found a teddy bear backpack, Steve tries his best at imitating his idol Miley Cyrus and puts his back out trying to twerk !

  4. Sheldon Harvey

    I don’t understand this. My dad told me that things only start growing out of your ears once you hit 50 years old, especially when it took me all of 2013 just to grow this pitiful mustache and beard!

  5. Pefder Magfrok

    Yeah, these are cool eh, they were given to me by a guy from the china news service. The eyes and ears are cameras and microphones and the headband is an antenna that he said is broadcast quality, and that he looked forward to hear and see me and what I am up to. I said I don’t have a broadcast job, just old school print media, but he said that didn’t matter at all and he knew fersure that he would see what I was up to real soon, and that I should wear these headphones a lot.


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