Legault’s wife seizes control of CAQ in overnight bloodless coup

Isabelle Brais is now leader of the Coalition Avenir Québec.

Brais, the wife of previous leader François Legault, seized control of the party early Tuesday morning after her troops stormed the party bus and headquarters in what is being referred to as a bloodless coup. Forces loyal to Legault laid down their arms, deciding not to fight back to avoid the negative publicity.

Brais has been very visible on the campaign trail even though she’s not a candidate, and has been playfully teasing Legault all along. Analysts say a takeover was inevitable, though they are surprised it happened in the middle of the campaign like this.

Legault’s candidates quickly lined up to pledge loyalty to Brais, wanting to avoid the appearance of a civil war so close to voting day. Legault himself has not been seen or heard from and is believed to be living in exile in Cornwall. It’s not clear what will happen to his seat in the National Assembly if he wins it on Monday.

One thought on “Legault’s wife seizes control of CAQ in overnight bloodless coup

  1. Lorne

    As he was being transported to Cornwall, Legault was heard to say, “I knew this day was coming, which is why I made sure that the popularity of the party went down”.


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